2014: Trends of Mobile Casino

If you haven’t already noticed it, any online casino or mobile casino is starting to take hold of the world and begin to dominate the market. The reason they are beginning to dominate the market is simply because they are easy to play and can be accessed from anywhere you might want to play. Another great thing about a mobile casino, is that as long as you have your WiFi or 3G connection with your phone, you can easily play.

Top Mobile Casino            However, when you are playing with any gambling software or system, you have to realize that there are benefits and drawbacks to each situation. With a mobile casino, you will realize that if you do not have any internet connection or some WiFi connection, then you cannot play. Therefore, the phrase of letting you play virtually anywhere is no longer true. Another drawback of the mobile casino, is whether or not the market is undervalued.  When you think about gambling, the two most common casinos you think about are online gambling, and then actually going to a casino. Nobody has ever actually through about gambling or playing at a casino on their phone.

It is because of this fact, that most mobile casinos only have a small margin of players. However, these players are heavy hitters, and they like to play a lot. The market is currently growing at a steady rate, however many analysts say that it could tab out when the next big thing is discovered. However, how are we to know whether or not a mobile casino is the next big thing? Only time will tell.

In a recent study, it was shown that the market was estimated to be around seven billion dollars. But it would only fufill this estimate, if the trends continued, and indeed they have continued. Although they haven’t become as popular as other gambling sources, they still are on the rise. The reason they are not as popular as home gambling or actually going to a casino, is due to the fact that when you gamble at a casino or a computer, you are primarily doing that. With a mobile casino, you might be inept to gamble while you are driving, or clean around the house, or do something else that might distract your attention from actually gambling away. Not only are you going to gamble your money, but you are gambling your time.

It is the fact that you might be distracted when trying to gamble with a mobile casino, that is the real reason as to why this market might be untapped in the near future. However, if the trends continue, home gambling and going to actual casinos might just stop, and we might all rely on mobile gambling.


How to Play Online Casino Games Smart

Online casinos can be tricky. One should tread very slowly while playing and gambling online. Proper sites have to be chosen for playing. There are many bogus sites on the internet that can scam you. Follow these set of instructions to play safe and win big:

  • Many people think that the concept of online gambling is different from casino gambling. It is different, but one should play online as the same way he plays in the casino.
  • live blackjackIn online casinos, the house always has the edge. But in poker or similar games you can minimize their edge and increase your edges by smart play. So in other words play smartly.
  • Games like poker and blackjack involves smart play so you can beat the house by betting wisely and bluffing accordingly. Roulette and Craps can give you better playing time if you can make smarter bets. Whereas slot games and bingo involve sheer luck. So bring a big bankroll for these games to outsmart the house.
  • One should play poker and blackjack online like they were playing it in a casino; smartly. Judge your opponents wisely and if luck is not on your side try to bluff them out. This technique may not always work, but it is worth a shot.
  • Slot games and bingo can be turned in your favor if you have the proper know how of the working of the machines and a sufficient bankroll. One should choose loose machines for the slot games. Also use machines that give a higher percentage of payouts. A payout percentage of 95% or more is considered ideal. Also the law of averages allows you to try machines that have not given better payouts in the recent times because the payouts may change any time.
  • Another important point is to always segregate your cash while playing online. Usually on an online site there is a function to make various lockers in your account. Allot money wisely to each of these lockers because if you play with your complete stash you may end up losing it all. Whereas if you create various segments and divided your money, you will not lose all of it in a single chance.
  • Always gamble with money that will not affect you seriously. Money that has to be paid for bills or rent should not be gambled with.
  • While playing casino games online always be ready to withdraw from a game if you start losing on straight hands. Never play emotionally just to beat others. Play wisely and depart if your opponent has better cards. If your slot machines are not in your favor, try other slots.
  • Never try to recoup your losses. Doing so, you might go into further losses. If you have lost some money call it a day and play some other time. There is always a necessity of luck required to play such games.
  • Always try trusted sites and play games on these sites. If the sites have a sense of vileness around them leave them and search of reputable sites to play casino games.

Go ahead and enjoy!!




Pick the Right Australian Online Casino

Whenever somebody is trying to figure out some of the best online casinos that they can play and not get in trouble on, they have to look at some of the foreign countries and their options. Some of the best ones that you have to consider is an Australian online casino. For those of you who don’t know, online gambling in the United States is currently illegal, and therefore you have to partake in the activities in a foreign market, where you won’t be able to get in trouble. However, you can still get in trouble if you get caught gambling online in anyway shape or form. But some of the best online casinos offer incentives. If you are looking at an Australian online casino, then you probably know that some of them even offer money for your festivities.

            You might be thinking that an Australian online casino might not offer much, but some of their incentives to joining are around two hundred dollars in cash. Not only do they offer different incentives for users to join and gamble on their Australian online casino home front, but they also make sure that they offer a variety of different gambling options. If you do not know how to play any of the modern day gambling things like Texas hold’em poker or some black jack, then there are certainly alternative gambling things for you to partake in.

Some of these wonderful opportunities are other games that the developers themselves have created, and allow gamers to enjoy the gambling process, while spicing it up a bit. Now you might be wondering what I mean when I say spice it up. By spicing it up, they might create a totally different game. Instead of worrying about whether or not you are going to have a better hand then anybody else in the room that you are playing with, all you have to worry about is whether or not you are going to match two cards together or two pictures in the current gaming session. These aren’t normal cards, these might be game cards in a fictional world. Some of the best Australian online casino games that you might look at are similar to online role playing games, where you have to partake in special activities to receive the money.

Based on how well you do within the game, you might make or lose money as if you would at a normal betting table. Remember, that you will be betting real money, and should take great caution with all of the betting that you do. It is these wonderful ingenious and inventive ways to gamble on the internet that make an Australian online casino stand out from the rest when it comes to online gambling.


How to Play Casino Games Smart

Slot Machine

Slot Machine (Photo credit: Rob Boudon)

The aim of every casino player is to know how to play smart and win a bigger payout. You therefore need to learn some of the necessary tips that will enable you to increase your chances of winning so as to increase your profits from  gambling with slot machines. It is a lot fun knowing how to win at slot machines. Winning is actually what makes playing the game quite fun as every player wishes to hit the jackpot besides having a thrilling experience with the graphics and animations of the game. You may have other techniques and strategies of winning in online slot machines but these tips too will come in handy to help you roll out with a bigger payout.

  • Choosing a good location

This is actually the first and the best way to get a higher percentage payout and increasing your chances of winning at slot machines. When you enter into a casino, you realize that the machines are placed at different locations. This is not by chance, but has a greater meaning on how winning is brought about. You should always avoid worst paying slot machines that are naturally placed at the entrance of the casino among other locations. As a rule of thumb, you should always check for the hot slots to play and thus increase your chances of winning in the end.

  • Testing the selected slots

As much as you have taken your time to choose the hottest slots, it is not enough to bury all your money into the slots before trying them out. You should first test it to determine whether it gives out the expected results of more than your bankroll. In case the opposite is true and you end up losing up to 20 or 30 percent of your initial bankroll, you should immediately quit and find another machine. After winning at a slot machine consistently, you should also quit as this slot is likely to become a cold slot in your subsequent plays. Do not continue playing in the same slot that is giving you more than 50% profit consistently.

A slot machine that gives you the profits that are slightly below 49%, then you can continue playing with the machine again and again without quitting. This is actually because, it may turn out to be a hot slot anytime and you could hit the jackpot! A jackpot that offers the best payout gives a profit that ranges between 1-49%. You should therefore stick to such a slot machine as you wager to increase your profits.

  • Knowing when to change machines

This is very critical if you want to win big with slot machines. When your current machine is causing you to lose a lot a number of times, it is advisable to quit the slot and join another one. You must therefore be very careful and vigilant to study the performance of the machines so that you can determine the right time to change machines and move to the next one. In case your slot machine appears to be a cold one over a period of time, you should quit for the next machine since the possibility of having a hot slot with the next machine is very high. It should be a rule in your mind never to stick to one machine if you want to maximize your winnings. Exploring through various machines will probably land you a machine that offers the best payouts. With each machine you play with, you must keenly evaluate by starting with a less amount while observing the trend of profits received.

It is actually not possible to win big while attached to only one slot machine, that is why you are needed to evaluate your current machine to determine the right step to take; whether to move on to another machine or stick around for more tries. It may seem difficult to win a lot of profit in slot machines, but trust me, it is a lot easier if you follow the basics and apply the proven techniques and strategies like the ones mentioned here. It is very possible to hit the jackpot if you have a perfect combination of the strategies. Good luck!

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Understanding Online Casino Payouts

One of the factors many players check out on before playing any online game is actually the payouts. Online casino owners thus use gambling payouts as drawing cards to attract new clients to their sites and also retain the existing ones. A site with a higher reputation regarding payouts will thus encourage players to play at those sites. The payouts determine playing time for playCasino Payouters thus depends on the number of people visiting the site at a particular time.

What are online casino payouts?

These are the winnings that players playing online casino games get. The payouts are actually determined by the amount of money placed in a bet. It does not depend to the size of the deposit placed by the player as many people think. Online casinos generate income by taking a specific percentage of the payouts made to the winners. For instance you may be asked to pay 4 percent for a chance to win a large sum of money

What determines online casino payouts?

Mainly, the payouts are determined by the type of games played. Taking an average of all percentages together will thus determine the amount given out as a payout at the end. Payout percentages are usually displayed on the casinos’ websites. This way, you can tell as a player whether the casino site is legitimate or not because auditing firms issue a certification on the figures indicated on the websites.

The percentage of payouts fluctuate with the size of traffic on the site. This is because some players lose while others win in the process. For instance winners can occur in a given month inflating payouts and the opposite is true because winnings don’t happen all the time.

Some players can influence the payouts in their favor by converting the rewarded point with real cash which is then used to subsidize the casino’s percentage. This can easily result to earning a payout that is over 100%.

What you need to remember about payouts

Online casinos are known to offer higher gambling payouts than those offered by real land-based casinos. The payouts determine what you win or in the end after placing your bets. In order to win big money at any online casino, make sure the game is from a reputable site. There are many rogue sites out there that offer high payouts just to lure you into playing the game. Online gambling is a risky business so you should be very keen so you are not swindled of your money. Cheat are out there for real but if you are smart enough, then trust me, you will go about betting without a problem. Remember you are investing your money in online gambling and to make sure that you do not lose your money for no good reason, the payout policies must be well reviewed and understood.

Another truth you need to know about online casino payouts is that they are different in percentage from one online casino to another. You thus need to search through various casino games so you get one that offers a percentage that is as close to 100% as possible. How easy is it to claim your earnings? This is a question you need to ask and check out in any online casino game. The payouts should be fast for a genuine and reputable casino. In case of difficulties when claiming your winnings, you should simply sign up for another site.

For a perfect gaming experience, checking out online casino payout policies is necessary and crucial before you open an account. The last thing that should worry you is claiming your winnings or how you are going to collect it. Get things right from the start by ensuring all the payout policies are in line with your expectations.



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Evolution of Online Gambling

Back in the days when online casinos were introduced, they were not so common, but with time they have become more and more popular till now when they are actually the favorite ones for all lovers of gambling across the world. All the advancements can be attributed to network technology that has also kept improving over time from quite slow and not so advanced to faster speeds and more reliable internet connections. Because of such advancements, it is now easier to enjoy all kinds of games right from the convenience of your desk with better and more appealing background sounds and graphics.

Online CasinoBack in those days around the 90s, five wheel slot machines were the most common games with only a few spinning reels. The games were not many as such and thus your choice was greatly limited to the few available games. That is no longer the case now as there are many online casinos offering hundreds of games with various variables. Many movies are now turned into exciting games that many people are enjoying all over the world.

Sitting on live poker is now a thing of the past as most of the operating casinos offer a more reliable and real-time poker where you have a chance to pick any of the available rooms according to your level of skills in playing the game and have a chance to chat with other players from across the world. What an invention! Sitting right in your home or office, you can now play and enjoy blackjack and video poker just like as though you were living at the casino center.

Scratch Cards

Have you ever played live scratch cards bought at any of your local stores around you? The experience must have been exciting and thrilling. You can now enjoy the game online by playing online scratch cards. The truth is the game has gotten better than when you last played it. Because it is relatively cheap to play, it should be your main form of entertainment to always have on your computer at home.

Bonus Options

This is a feature of most online games that are not common with live casinos ever. These include sign up bonuses and weekly promotions for regular players. This is a great milestone in the gaming industry, distinguishing the past and modern gaming forms. The deals are many for online games so keep shopping around for the best deals that you can enjoy while playing your favorite games online.

Security and Banking

Banking options have been the greatest challenge facing online gaming industry, but over time things have changed for better as now you can securely wager and bet with your money without worrying of the great risks facing your finances in the bank. Some casinos cheated players of their winnings and ripped them off. Even though such rogue casinos still exist, the truth is such cases are greatly reduced today since you have a chance to search around to determine and differentiate rogue casinos from the good ones. You can be sure your information is kept safe and private as various security measures have been put in place by such casinos.

We might not be able to explain in details or bit by bit every improvement in the gaming industry from back in the day, but from the illustrations and what we used to see during the early 90’s, it is true that online casinos have taken big strides to the better. You can now enjoy any of your favorite movies in form of games right from the comfort of your desk, thanks to the technological advancements and improvements that have taken place in the gaming industry over time.

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Selecting the Best Online Casino – Guiding Tips

The micro – gaming industry has fast advanced with many more online casinos introduced for players to choose from. Sometimes you may get confused about which game you should consider most appropriate for you to enjoy. Not all casinos are good and they are just too many to identify the bad and good once. The dangers of playing in a rogue casino are well known for instance you are never going to withdraw your winnings no matter how big you have won. In order to avoid this from happening to you, you need to take your time and search for the right online casino. The guiding tips discussed below will surely help you a great deal to choose the right if not the best online casino by filtering out the bad ones.

Check Out Gambling Review Sites

review casino siteThese sites are usually meant for ranking of online casino games depending with the reviews from players who have already participated. The ones that have received many positive reviews will surely come on top meaning they are safe to register yourself and play without being coned your money. Search on a number of sites recording down the top ten casinos in each site.  Even though the sites may not have identical casinos as the best, at least you will have one or two identical and common casinos in most of the sites. Good casinos will always appear on top of the review reports by various review sites. From the list you can then keep filtering the list down and short listing the casinos till you find the most appropriate for you to play. You can as well search for rogue casinos in the review sites so that you are sure none appears on your top results by eliminating them well in time.

Check Out Online Forums

The internet has actually reduced the entire world into a global village. By this I mean you can easily interact with people from various parts of the world and get connected to discuss various issues including online casino games. This way, you can get crucial information you are looking for concerning the right online casino games to involve yourself with. People usually share their experience about specific casinos and from such information you can detect the right casino and the rogue ones. Let nobody tell you that a rogue casino can ever go about unnoticed; from online forums to social networks, information is shared rapidly and you can take advantage of this to choose the right online casino for yourself.

Test the Online Casinos and Get the Experience

There are some features that you should check out on before you are fully settled with a specific online casino. For instance you should claim for free spins, free-play hours for you to experience how the game goes about. In such tests, if a game does not meet your expectations, drop it at once. In case of no-deposit bonus, you should also be weary of making huge deposits as a new player. Welcome bonuses should be the first thing to attract you even if it is small so you can test and experience the game before going for a full bonus on subsequent deposits after the tests and when you are fully satisfied.

In selecting the right online casino game, it is a matter of going about three simple steps i.e. using the search engines then finding more about their reputation in online review sites and discussing with other players about their experience at various online and sharing forums. You should then consider testing the acknowledged games so that you can fully get satisfied that it is the best game you have been looking for you to play online.

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Break Away Slot Machine Review

This is one of the most featured video slot games online these days. With many people preferring online gaming as compared to attending casino centers personally, break away has attracted a hell lot of players from all over the world. break away slotsWith several features such as the scatter symbol, wild symbol and free spins among others, this game is better than any other you can think of. Unlike the traditional pay lines, the game offers 243 fixed winning ways. In fact this is a 5-reel game like most of the online games today. If you have been looking for a thrilling online game with the best soundtrack and stunning animation, then look no further as a break away is the game right for you.

More about Break Away

If you are playnowkeen on the current trend in micro-gaming, you should have realized that the concept of fixed winning ways is getting the preference over the traditional pay line method. That is exactly the game play mechanic that has been employed in the break away.

Theme of the Game

Most of the players are actually attracted by the theme of the game. In the case of break away, the game is based on an ice hockey theme with various features relevant in the game such as rolling reels, scatter pays, smashing wilds, free spins and stacked wilds among others. From the theme, you can tell that break away is a pretty interesting and thrilling game more especially because of the fixed winning ways. Most of the players seem to enjoy this kind of play than in the case of traditional pay lines. What is more interesting is that break away has no jackpot meaning it is a quite fast and furious game with several free spins and many more wins to compensate the jackpot.

Features of Break Away Slot

  • Scatter symbol

This is a very crucial feature in this video slot. The puck graphic is the scatter symbol in this case and two of these symbols on any of the reels can result in a win that is paid. The symbol can also trigger free spins bonus feature which is much more crucial in winning the game. Watch out for this feature while playing the game.

  • Wild symbol

The Break Away logo is the wild symbol in this slot. This feature is important as it triggers several other game play features such as the smashing wilds and stacked wilds. Playing with either of these symbols is quite thrilling and exciting for the player.

  • Free Spins

This is a feature that results when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In such a case, you will win up to 25 free spins which also have a chance of up to a 10 times multiplier. If you are lucky enough to hit 25 free spins at a 10 times multiplier, you would have simply made up for the jackpot!

Betting In the Game

This is an affordable game to be played by anybody. The maximum bet per spin is $50 which can offer a much greater payout.

Our Take on Break Away

If you like hockey fun, this is the game for you with a great theme and amazing features. Due to lack of the traditional pay lines, as a player, you have quite a number of winning chances because of the many winning combinations. You can’t wait to enjoy the amazing graphics and impressive symbols all representing the hockey theme. Just like a real game, you will get the excitement you deserve by play the online break away video slot. The game is available on various micro-gaming sites just for you to play. Have fun!

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Twisted Circus Online Pokies

Playing any online game can now be quite thrilling and exciting now that you can watch your money grow while having fun. Several of the online games Twisted Circusavailable today have the winning options which have even led to online gambling where people make bets and win a lot in the end. This is just the same case with the twisted circus, an online game that is gaining popularity among many online players. There are real cash prizes I tell and sure this is a game you should never miss out. After work, you are usually exhausted and wish to have a break to the day’s tedious tasks, you wish to have the best of your leisure time? The best way is to have your hands on the twisted circus and your moments will be lit up.

Theme of the Game

playnowThis is a game that offers you a real life circus experience engaging in the online slots right from the comfort of your office or home. There are actually 243 ways of winning in this game which tells you that opportunities are many and sure you can win big in this game. This game does not involve the use of the traditional pay lines where you were expected to line up matching combinations before winning. In such a case, you are needed to activate most of the pay lines with a deposit in order to generate a winning payout. To hell with this as a twisted circus presents 243 winning ways and payouts made regardless of whether a deposit was activated or not. Just hit three consecutive symbols and you have your payout!

Twisted Circus Slot Symbols

All the twisted circus slots symbols are circus-themed. They include a fire breather, Siamese twins, snake lady, half man half woman, a strong man, a bearded lady and musical monkey.

  • Wild symbol

The twisted circus wild symbol is the games logo and can substitute any other symbol creating a winning combination.

  • Scatter symbol

This is the circus admission ticket. When two or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels, a payout is earned even if the scatter doesn’t emerge on subsequent reels. 3 or more of the scatter symbols trigger free spins round where all wins are paid out with a triple multiplier. The free spins are 13 in total.

  • Bonus game

This is the ultimate of your luck. Once you trigger the bonus game, you are sure a big win is awaiting you. When the bonus symbols appear on reels 3, 4, and 5, you trigger an inimitable circus match bonus. What you need here is matching 3 symbols revealed and stands a chance to win big in the game. There is up to 55,000 coins to be won so hurry yup now and get the game played!

  • Our take on the game

This video slot is nothing like what many people are used to. With a wonderful design, perfect background sound effects, animations and graphics, this game swallow you from the very initial stages. You stand a chance to win up to $12, 000 which is a rare winning in any online game. There are even much more to be won provided you keep attention to detail. Gambling has been taken to a new level with the kind of twisted circus micro gaming slots. Once you try this game, just be warned; you will need to play it again and again! The game is just out there in various online casinos and you can’t wait to have your hands on it. Enjoy the thrilling and exciting betting and wait for your chance to win big!


OctoPays Slot Review

Online casino has achieved massive success over the last couple of years. The lazy indolent, slothful beings find pleasure in the free money, who doesn’t? Online slot gaming purveys a platform handy enough that one might get lotteries merely through couch surfing. OctoPays is such an online slot machine that carries attractive graphics along with catchy offers that persuade slot gamers to try their game.

octopaysOctoPays follows a scenario: An underwater, deep ocean, more like an ocean surface where interesting sea creatures and treasures and chest await users to enjoy betting on them. The zinced, rusty wrench can be clearly observed on the game set. One can’t simply give applause to the graphic designers of this game, given such amusing and colorful background and immense creativity. The five reels of the slot machine are filled with symbols and underwater creatures, like octopus, treasure chest, hammered sharks and some sought of helmets (these, not very well designed, I must say). The pokers for 9 to ace are also a part of the reels. Well, obviously what playnowis a slot machine without poker cards, anyway? So it was pretty essential part of the game.

An attractive feature for gamers is the 243 winning ways. Normally, slot game have not any win ways, take care well of the engineering strategies. But this game, OctoPays, offers 243 ways to win. Not only to win but there are various propositions like free spins and wilds. Who doesn’t fall for free spins? Well, everyone does: probably the reason they offer free 12 spins. But it is not so simple after all. In fact, there is this special bonus called ‘The Kraken Bonus’ which awards 12 spins all for free! Moreover, while you start spinning the free spins, up to 4 octopus wild symbols are allowed to be placed on the reels, randomly; but not on the 3rd reel. There comes the idea of surprise appearance of a wild symbol on the 3rd reel. This surprise wild symbol is not a simple sign but offers a great mouth-watering deal. This is: any win on the substituting octopus is multiplied by 2.

There are a billion game engineering tactics, one can never figure out what he might be losing at something he sees to be much profitable. The same is the case in the Kraken bonus; Sad enough? Yes, the octopus wild symbol that appears while the free spinning things is being done, that symbol only acts as substitute wilds but not real wilds: the reason, there is no 5 wild combination on the pay table.

Sure OctoPays sounds interesting, even looks so. But one can’t deny, when you come to know the real instructions behind the game it’s pretty confusing. Plus, the wilds offered aren’t even real wilds. A little tip to the game engineers a gamer might suggest is to try making simpler and less complex games so they could be handy to play and fun to win. But then again who has got enough cheeks to ‘propose’ the idea to engineers? If they win, they’re winning merely through a random match in between the reels, no hard work, no real mind probing; mere luck, mere fate.

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