Best Canadian Online Casinos
Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace Casino FREE BONUS: CAD$1000

Over 250 Las Vegas style casino games all with an average payout of well over 97%. That's what Spin Palace Casino offers. They have better odds than most casinos on land. There is a wide variety of games which means Spin Palace has something for everyone from the beginner gambler to the advanced card shark.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino FREE BONUS: CAD$1,000

Betway Casino is an online casino that offers a wide array of games. You can play classic casino games like blackjack, craps, and roullete. You can get lucky and win a jackpot at the slot machines. Betway offers poker, where you can use your skills to play against other gamblers. You can also bet on your favorite teams in Betway's sportsbook.
Betway Casino offers generous bonuses for new customers. There is currently a one thousand pound match bonus in Betway Casino, and a $750 match bonus for its poker room.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune FREE BONUS: CAD$750

Ruby Fortune Casino is an online casino and also the sister casino of the Spin Palace. All customers are assured to have an awesome experience at this casino and will experience exciting games, 5-star customer service and can cash in with speed and ease. The Ruby Fortune is part of The Palace Group.

Mummys Gold

Mummy's gold FREE BONUS: CAD$500

Mummy's Gold is an online casino that offers a wide variety of games including of course poker and slots. There's something for everyone and promotions that are exciting and have produced a long list of winners. The payouts are some of the highest among online casinos and the customer support is second to none.

Cabaret Club Casino

Cabaret Club Casino FREE BONUS: CAD$150

Cabaret Club Casino is one of the leading online casinos. There are over 330 games available and powered by Microgaming software. The dynamic colors, world class graphics and animation will mesmerize and delight all customers. Choose from slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and many more. You will find your game of choice at Cabaret Club Casino.

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Online Casinos in Canada

Explore the Benefits of Canadian Online Casinos

Online gambling has increased in popularity in recent years, and many novice gamblers are seeking reliable, reputable online casinos that offer competitive bonuses and payouts with secure, discreet payment options and availability of a large selection of table games and slots. For those that are seeking the best online casinos in Canada, the following discussion should provide insight as to the most critical components involved in choosing a Canadian online casino.

Consideration must be given to the benefit of using an online casino Canada versus that of a land based, brick and mortar casino. Below are a few of the benefits associated with using a Canadian online casino.

Ease of Use
In today’s internet era, our society has become accustomed to a fast paced lifestyle with goods and services available within arms reach and at the click of a button. The advancement of technology has allowed even novice online casino players to easily access a wide variety of games that Canadian online casinos have to offer.

Time Effective
Traditionally, those that wish to play table games or slots would have to travel a considerable distance to a land based, brick and mortar casino. By using an online casino, players do not have to take costly and time consuming trips to play their favorite games. By having access to the best online casinos in Canada, all players need is a reliable internet connection and the desire to have fun and make money.

Higher Payout Rates
Because the over head costs associated with the operation of an online casino are much lower than that of operating a land based casino, higher payout rates are common among Canadian online casinos.

When using an online casino Canada, the player does not have to have cash available on hand, which eliminates the risk of misplacing the cash or theft. Also, online payment methods are often very secure, with multiple payment options that enhance security and reduce the risk of fraud.

Greater Bonuses
Online casino industry has grown in popularity in recent years, and so has competition. Canadian online casinos lure players to their sites by offering greater bonuses and potential for monetary awards. Also, reputable online casinos typically offer higher payout rates and a user friendly environment with reliable support. This makes the Canadian online casino experience ideal for even the most inexperienced players.

One of the greatest benefits to using an online casino is comfort. With a reliable internet connection, players do not nee to leave the comfort of their own homes and do not have to worry about noise, crowds or other distractions while they are playing.

No Tipping Required
One factor that is typically not considered when comparing online casinos and land based, brick and mortar casinos is tipping the staff. It is generally considered appropriate to tip casino staff for everything from food and beverage service to valet parking. With the absence of such staff in online casinos, more money can be directed at table games and slots.

Online casino payment options are an important factor to consider when choosing a Canadian online casino. Typically, the best online casinos in Canada offer not only a wide selection of games, but multiple, secure payment options. Payment options that are available include online credit card processing, bank account withdraw capabilities and online debit cards to facilitate account funding.

The totality of available games, services and payment options should be considered when seeking researching the best online casinos in Canada. Ideally, players should seek those online casinos that offer the combined benefit of game selection, ease of use and secure payment options.